02 Giugno 2020
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Osteria del Sole

Our restaurant of Tuscan kitchen

Osteria del Sole

Osteria del Sole, our restaurant, is located in Capannoli, a small village of the Upper Era Valley, at 25 km from Il Casale del Madonnino. Our family runs this charming, typical Tuscan restaurant since 1996. With a total of 45 seats, the restaurant is also adequate for private events, with its 25-seat main dining room, and two private dining rooms with 8 and 12 seats. We offer a refined yet cosy ambience. Ours dishes exalt the traditional Tuscan flavours, with their short cooking times that avoid altering the characteristics of the food. Meat is preferably grilled, the stuffed pasta is homemade with high quality ingredients, the cured meats and the cheese are the best our territory has to offer. From the Tuscan Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) prosciutto crudo to the Pecorino cheese left to age in caves or pits, from the boletus mushroom to the vegetables in season, the truffles, available throughout the year thanks to its various seasonal types, to end with the homemade cakes embellished with cream and fresh fruit of all kinds. In the evening, in addition to the dishes proposed on the menu, we offer an excellent pizza, cooked in a wood-fired oven and topped with choice products. Finally our wine cellar offers about 250 different wine labels, a wide selection of the finest: from Tuscany to Piedmont, as to the whole of Italy, with also some interesting bottles from France and the rest of the world. Our wine list is both extensive and dynamic, with a keen eye on historical and noble producers as well as smaller wineries, which will both leave pleasant memories.

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